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CEC Thermal Flasher #TF552/536

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Part # TF552/536
Description 12V 12A 2PIN THERMAL FLASHER
Type Thermal Flasher
Typical Load SAE No. 1156 2.10A at 12.8 Volts 2 to 6 Lamps SAE No. 1895 0.27A at 14 Volts 1 to 6 Lamps In Any Combination
Specifications FMVSS108, SAE J590b & J945
Terminals 2 Rated Load Range 0.27 Amps to 14 Amps Flash Rate 60 to 120 Flash Per Minute
Style Round Aluminum Rated Voltage 11 to 15 Volts D.C. Lamps Turn 2 to 3
Pilot Circuit No Wattage 100W Life Hours 40 Hours
Drawing Details New Announcement

† MOL (Maximum Overall Length):The overall length of a lamp, from the top of the shell to the bottom of the base.

‡ MSCP (Mean Spherical Candlepower):Candlepower produced at design volts. Candlepower is increased rapidly with an increase of applied voltage and conversely is reduced rapidly with a reduction of applied voltage.

†† LCL (Light Center Lenght):The distance from a reference point, usually the bottom of the lamp base, to the center of the light source.

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