Titan Labs Oil-Flo 141 Specialty Adhesive Remover, 1 Gal

Titan Labs Oil-Flo 141 Specialty Adhesive Remover, 1 Gal

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Oil-Flo 141™ Specialty Adhesive Remover dissolves hard-to-clean residues, organic stains, and substances. This amazing cleaner will quickly remove adhesives of any type – including mastic, multipurpose, baseboard, parquet, latex, and all asphalt types. Also dissolves grease, oil, waxes, creosote, resin, chewing gum, crayons, tree pitch, tire marks, lipstick, and other difficult materials. Oil-Flo 141™ is less aggressive than our original Oil-Flo™ Safety Solvent Cleaner and has a pleasant fragrance. Typically used for indoor applications. Bonds to the stain and emulsifies it, then bonds to the oxygen molecules present in water. This two-step process allows a final cleanup with a rinse with plain water.

Oil-Flo 141™ Specialty Adhesive Remover is safe on most surfaces, including fabrics, concrete, wood, metal, stone, glass, masonry, ceramics, and carpets (please refer to our Carpet Note before using on carpets). Contains no water, but is 100% water soluble. Recommended for many interior applications such as flooring, adhesive removal, carpet cleaning, vehicle interiors, garages, conversion, and more. The benefits of Oil-Flo 141™ include low odor, a high flashpoint (over 141º F) and its biodegradability. USDA approved.

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