Polyvance Dent Driver Kit to Remove Dents in Bumper Covers #6119

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Many bumpers are thrown into the landfill just because they are dented. Polyvance’s 6119 Dent Drivers tool kit helps remove dents from plastic bumpers, keeping labor hours in the shop and plastic out of the landfill. The ends of each Dent Driver tool have different shapes to help work out the knots and stretched areas often found around the perimeter of bumper dents. The variety of edges, points, and blunt areas available on the Dent Drivers give the technician the perfect tool profile for the task at hand. The curved, ergonomic shape of the Dent Driver tools fits readily into the hand to maximize pushing force and minimize fatigue. The 6119 Dent Drivers complement Polyvance’s other dent removal tool options. The main part of the dent would be popped out using the 6148 Bumper Rollers kit. Then the stretched areas around the edges of the main dent would be worked with the Dent Drivers. A Dent Driver can be used on each side of the bumper simultaneously to shrink stretched plastic. The Polyvance 6450 Bumper Bag Plus can also be used as a soft dolly to support the opposite side as the technician works the dent with the pointed edges of the Dent Drivers.

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