HAND-E-GLOVEᵀᴹ Hand Protective Lotion, antistatic 16 oz

$ 17.96

The Caig Laboratories EEP-102-16 is a unique hand lotion that creates an invisible glove that protects and shields your hands from dirt, grease, chemicals and harsh contaminants.

Caig Laboratories EEP-102-16 Features:
  • Protects hands from grease, oil, dirt and chemicals
  • Thin film protects pores, cracks and fingernails
  • Non-greasy, actually improves grip on tools
  • Easy clean up, just soap and water
  • Contains no harsh or dangerous chemicals
  • Made with natural/organic ingredients
  • Hand-E-Glove® has anti-static properties
  • Size: 16 oz.