DeoxIT® Fader F5 Spray (NSN-6850-01-477-1528) 5% solution - 142 g

$ 19.76

CAIG DeoxIT Fader F5 F5S-H6 Spray

Superior Lubricant for Conductive Plastics & Carbon-based Controls

RoHS Compliant.  VOC Compliant.

DeoxIT® Fader Spray (formerly CaiLube MCL, MCL5S-H6), 5% solution, 142 g,
(Applications = 1000 +/-)

CAIG DeoxIT Fader F5 is a flushing action, safe on plastics, lubricant.  Helps remove surface debis and adds lubrication.  Problems occur when dust, dirt, spilled drinks etc. accumulate in the fader or switch.  This degrades performance and displaces or wears away original lubrication.  On conductive membranes or pointing devices such as mouse track pads, oil, grease and acids from fingers stay on the surface and degrade performance over time.  DeoxIT Fader displaces these contaminants and enhance the transmission characteristics of the switches and membranes.

For Metal Surfaces, use DeoxIT, DeoxIT GOLD or DeoxIT SHIELD

Good for Computers, Audio/ Video, Marine, Automotive, Amatuer Radio and Communications, Photography, Medical, Security panels and much more.