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CEC Miniature Lamp #E74, Box of 10

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Part # EF26
Type Combination TS & Hazard Electronic Flasher
Typical Load SAE No. 1156 2.10 Amps at 12.8 Volts SAE No. 1895 0.27 Amps at 14.0 Volts 2 Lamps for TS & 6 Lamps for Hazard
Specifications FMVSS180, SAE J590b J945 & J1690
Terminals 4 Rated Load Range 0.27 Amps to 12 Amps Flash Rate 60 to 120 Flasher Per Minute
Style Square Plastic Rated Voltage 11 to 15 Volts D.C. Lamps Turn
Pilot Circuit Yes Wattage 162W Life Hours 600 Hours
Drawing Details
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† MOL (Maximum Overall Length):The overall length of a lamp, from the top of the shell to the bottom of the base.

‡ MSCP (Mean Spherical Candlepower):Candlepower produced at design volts. Candlepower is increased rapidly with an increase of applied voltage and conversely is reduced rapidly with a reduction of applied voltage.

†† LCL (Light Center Lenght):The distance from a reference point, usually the bottom of the lamp base, to the center of the light source.