CAIG DeoxIT Shield, Non-flammable, No-drip , #SN5S-2N, 163g

CAIG DeoxIT Shield, Non-flammable, No-drip , #SN5S-2N, 163g

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DeoxIT® Shield S-Series – Contact/Connector Protector – Ideal for Severe Environments!

Part No. SN5S-6N:
Using Perfect-Straw™ with Low-Volume Valve

Applicator: Non-Flammable Spray, provides precise control and application of DeoxIT® Shield. Quick-Dry, Non-Drip Solvent.
Formulation: 5% DeoxIT® Shield (active ingredient), 75% Solstice PF (carrier solvent), 20% propellant
Use: Solvent evaporates quickly, providing precise control, no dripping and overspray. Is ideal for applying on delicate connectors and components on and in equipment.
Notes: Use when over spray is an issue. Formulation safe on plastics. Always recommend testing for compatibility, especially on critical/sensitive parts, and vintage equipment with aging ABS plastic(s). Will not swell rubber.
INFO: Using DeoxIT® Sprays, Cautions, Warnings and Best Practices (

DeoxIT® Shield S-Series provides long-lasting protection on metal surfaces in severe environments. It is NOT a cleaner, protects, lubricates and maintains optimum conductivity on all metal connectors and contacts.

Recommended pre-cleaning with DeoxIT® D-Series contact cleaner or other cleaning method for best protection. Use on NEW metal surfaces, usually in the manufacturing process. It is also ideal where high degrees of pollution (sulfur, salts, acids, etc.) are present.

For reference, DeoxIT® Shield has 0.0% cleaning action. Use on clean surfaces only.


  • Ideal for severe environments (humidity, salts, pollutants, sulfur, etc.)
  • Excellent protection, good conductivity enhancing, excellent lubrication
  • Reduces Intermittent Connections
  • Reduces Arcing & RFI
  • Reduces Wear & Abrasion
  • Provides NO Cleaning
  • * Temperature Range, -34 C (-29 F) to +210 C (410 F)

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