CAIG DeoxIT Electrical Marine Grease, No Particles #L27-ME-6, 170g

CAIG DeoxIT Electrical Marine Grease, No Particles #L27-ME-6, 170g

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DeoxIT® L27 Marine Grease – Electrical

Part No. L27-ME-6:
No Particles, 170 grams

Applicator: Squeeze Tube.
Formulation: 100% DeoxIT® Grease L27-ME.
Particles: None.
Use: For electrical devices and equipment that require precise lubrication and light cleaning.
Uses/Applications: Antenna connections, battery terminals, Buss bars, commutators, conductor rails, conductors, contactors, disconnects, drying & processing equipment, high amperage/high voltage applications, industrial electrical equipment (lifts, cranes, robotics, etc.), power tools, relays & switches (heavy duty, knife, step, rotary), etc.
Notes: Best if surfaces are relatively clean. Will remove most oxidation and corrosion on surfaces over time.

WHY Another Marine Grease?

Marine greases currently do a good job lubricating and protecting mechanical devices and equipment. However, they do not address a common issue that effects all metals, existing oxidation/corrosion on the mechanical and electrical surfaces.
CAIG’s DeoxIT® L27 Greases do a great job lubrication and protecting metal surfaces, they also contain special additives which remove and displace most surface oxidation and corrosion on metals.

Manufactured in semi-solid form for use as a combination cleaning, deoxidizing, protecting and lubricating preparation. Greases protect against oxidation (galvanic corrosion) and are free of mineral acids, sulphurs, alkalis and other noxious components aggressive to metals.

The infusion of DeoxIT® Dx100L into the formulation provides an additional film on the metal surface to remove/displace corrosion and provides a moveable/flexible protective barrier. This is important when, and if, the grease is disturbed and separates from the metal surface. When the grease is first applied, the infused DeoxIT® Dx100L transfers to the metal and coats the entire surface; sealing and protecting the metal even if the grease is separated from the surface (vibration or mechanical movement). No other grease does this!

For reference, DeoxIT® L27 Greases have approximately 5% cleaning action.

  • Good lubrication
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Excellent pressure resistance
  • Excellent oxidation protection
  • High dripping point
  • Temperature Range, -40 C (-40 F) to +260 C (500 F)

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