Angelus Leather Dye #500-03, 3 oz

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Angelus Brand makes the highest quality Leather Dye on the market. Angelus Brand makes professional grade leather dye that won't peel or crack. Picking the perfect match color for your leather work can be a challenge.

For sneaker restoration and custom leather work, our professional grade Army Tan Leather Dye holds color.

Our classic English Tan Dye is ideal for custom desert boots, leather work, and sneaker restoration projects.  

Matching a certain brown on your leather work can be a challenge. For a perfect in between brown, go with our Medium Brown Dye, ideal for custom boots and sneaker restoration projects. For a perfect in darker shade, go with our Burgundy Dye

Our bold Orange Leather Dye, Purple Leather Dye, Kelly Green Leather Dye and Light Rose Leather Dye are ideal for custom sneakers, leather work, and shoe restoration projects. 

Pick up a pair of our Navy Blue Leather Dye for your next sneaker or boot restoration project. 

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